The next generation of pharmaceutical products demands a new generation of healthcare and pharma services;
Aposave delivers



How can we help you?

Clinical Trial Services (CTS)

A new approach to Clinical Trial Services, maximising efficiency and minimising costs; Aposave delivers.


Managed Access Programmes (MAP)

Raising global standards for pharma, HCPs and patients through experience, relationships and know-how; Aposave delivers.


Unlicensed Medicines (ULM)

Speed, access and responsiveness; Aposave delivers.


Medical director John Wagner
From patients to professionals

We are here for you

  • Patients

We help you to access the right medicine for your health condition – even if it’s not available in your country. Please ask your doctor to contact us.

  • Doctors, Hospitals & Pharmacists

Expand your treatment options for your patients with our help by accessing latest medicines from overseas.

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies

Aside from clinical trials and R&D activities, we also register & distribute new products in a number of global markets.

Who is Aposave?

Aposave was founded with the vision of supplying specialty medications worldwide at competitive prices through an efficient online marketplace. The company has wholesale dealer’s licenses (WDL) in various global locations, including the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Additionally, Aposave has a GPhC licensed pharmacy location in central London, UK.