In many countries, the healthcare systems are currently experiencing an exceptionally difficult period as a result of the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Aposave has refocussed resources in order to supply Healthcare Provider Organisations with an additional source of vital specialty medicines.

As such, we are actively reaching out to Healthcare Provider Organisations to identify where we can help them with medicines that are in short supply.

Our extensive supplier network across Europe puts us in a strong position to secure medicines that are in demand due to COVID-19 pressures.

In addition, our parent company Abacus Medicine is one of the most dynamic suppliers of speciality medicines across Europe, with:

  • a large procurement and distribution network.
  • access to significant rolling inventory.
  • key medicines for supply on an ongoing basis.

If you are experiencing shortages with any specific products now, or are likely to soon, please contact our Customers Services Team