What we do

We focus on the procurement & distribution of high cost, newly-registered specialty medicines & orphan drugs

What we do


At Aposave, our primary focus is on newly-registered specialty medicines & orphan drugs. Speciality medicines are generally used to treat complex or rare chronic conditions. Generally, these medicines are associated with a high cost & limited availability profile.

If your required medicine is currently not available or licensed in your region, we source it from our global supplier network and liaise with your country’s regulatory agency to allow personalized access delivered straight to the doorstep of your healthcare professional.


Comparator procurement can be a process with numerous pitfalls. The inability to obtain the necessary documentation, counterfeit comparators and delays in supply are a few examples. Consequently, these can lead to significant operational, regulatory and financial complications.

Aposave has one of the strongest networks of original manufacturers and licensed suppliers across the globe, which allows us to tailor our service to your needs. We understand that our clients’ needs may vary and we aim to provide the best possible solution by providing necessary product documentation.

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Countries can face very challenging scenarios when a critical medicine goes out of stock nationally. Although it is an increasing problem in developing countries, drug shortages can happen anywhere worldwide. When these shortages occur, patient access to critical medicines is significantly compromised.

Patient access & safety is central to our ethos. We aim to tackle drug shortages globally. Aposave provides both public and private sector agencies with access to large volumes of these critical medicines. Additionally, our supply chain specialists ensure to provide solutions for mitigating shortages in the future.

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