What we do

We focus on the procurement & distribution of high cost, newly-registered specialty medicines & orphan drugs

What we do


  • The Clinical Trial Service from Aposave is unique
  • By leveraging the sourcing power and product access of parent company, Abacus Medicine, we can provide unrivalled access to a vast range of products at very competitive prices
  • We have a new approach to reducing comparator wastage, through our product recycling methodology
    • This helps clients both during and after a trial has completed to maximise the return from the products they have procured
  • Our new, custom-built operational facilities allow us to deliver creative clinical development solutions for our clients that will help them complete clinical trials on time and so improve efficiencies
    • This will increase the return on investment for our customers and ensure that patients have a positive experience


  • MAPs are extremely complex and Pharmacos will only deal with organisations that can demonstrate a high level of expertise and knowledge
  • On many occasions global MAP service levels are not being met
  • Aposave has built a team with a vast amount of experience in the MAP category
  • Aposave has developed an operational system designed to deliver global MAP solutions
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  • The decision making of customers looking to buy ULMs throughout the world, such as pharmacists, hospital physicians, brokers and wholesalers is based on the following cascade:-
    • Is my supplier responsive to my request?
    • Can the supplier find a source of the product?
    • Can they supply me quickly?
    • Is the price competitive?
  • Our value proposition to you is simple:-
    • Speed, access and responsiveness; Aposave delivers

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