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Who we help


We simplify the process of bringing in newly-registered medicines from abroad. We do so by liaising with your country’s regulatory agency in handling all the necessary documentation.

Provide the right medicines for your patients
If there is a better treatment option for your patient in the US or EU, why wait for eventual access? Aposave works with healthcare professionals to broaden treatment options for patients around the world. Our team of licensed pharmacists works closely with all clients to ensure access to the right medicine at the right time.

Efficient and ethical supply chain
All medicines delivered by Aposave are received and distributed under the most stringent quality conditions. Our extensive network of licensed manufacturers and first-line wholesalers assures authenticity & traceability. We offer temperature-controlled storage and delivery to ensure medicines arrive in optimal condition.

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We specialise in handling the local interests of manufacturers in many global markets. This includes the procurement of comparator medicines as well as the late-stage commercial development of new medicines.

Clinical trials
We provide comparator medicines for clinical trials and R&D purposes that fulfil all criteria stipulated by our clients. Whether there are specific requirements for a batch/lot, expiry date, country of origin, volume, documentation, etc., our global supply network ensures that we can meet a wide range of expectations.

Named Patient Programmes (NPP)
As a result of our global presence, we have dedicated offices and warehouses in a number of territories. We are able to leverage this to help originators with attaining market share prior to their medicine’s commercial registration in that given market. After the NPP phase, it is only natural that we provide distribution services for these medicines once they become locally registered. We have extensive experience distributing medicines in many territories while maintaining strict GDP compliance.


If certain medicine(s) are not locally available, we provide access to patients worldwide through compassionate use and named patient programmes.

Ethical supply of branded medicine
Every day, we supply patients around the world with newly-registered medicines from EU and USA. Our 250+ active QA-approved suppliers enable the broadest access in the most expedient manner. All medicines are sourced from reputable partners who meet the highest quality standards.

Non-registered medicines should be affordable
Our business is access. We will show you exactly what your medication costs without hidden fees. Aposave’s extensive network allows us to offer the most competitive prices for original, branded medicines. Our in-house regulatory experts can additionally help reduce the cost of the import documentation process.

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